Soylent Day 44-50: Slipping off that Soylent

Last week was not a good week for my Soylent regimen.

Wasted Soylent

I started off the last 7 days with a bad batch of Soylent. I had made a batch of Soylent the Friday before the start of the last 7 days and left it in my company's refridgerator. The refridgerator shut down over the weekend. Everything in the refridgerator went bad, including the Soylent. Luckily, I had another pouch of Soylent powder in the office and made a fresh batch. Monday and Wesdnesday were the only days where I consumed Soylent.

On Tuesday, I was told that I would be joining my company's SDK team. I took that day's lunch as an opportunity to get to know my new teammates a little better. I joined them for a walk and ultimately bought lunch with them.

Lunch was catered on Thursday and Friday. I can't turn down free food. By Friday, the batch of Soylent that I had made on Monday was nearing the turning bad point. It wouldn't last over the weekend so I had to dump it out. Soylent recommends, consuming the mixed liquid within three days. I've been able to push the deadline as far as five days.

Lots of Food and No Exercise

I was not good these past 7 days. Along with not consuming Soylent for most lunches, I also did not do any exercise except on Monday and Sunday evening. I ate and drank a lot over the course of the week. I had beers every night and ate out everyday day of the weekend.

The beers are particularly dangerous. Along with the additonal calories, it also gives me cravings for random foods. I am going to start cutting it out of my weekday evenings so I don't tack on unnecessary calories.


As evidenced by the charts, my weight increased and body fat percentage increased slightly while my muscle mass dripped a little. They are minor changes and could just be normal fluctuations. Regardless, it's reminder that if I want to see progress I'll need resume exercising and drinking Soylent soon. It's been hard getting into the routine when my evening schedules are so erratic. I should be done with physical therapy in another month or so. Once that happens, I'll get into the flow of regular exercises. Until then, I'll focus on maintaining my current weight.

Day 44 (Monday)

Day 45 (Tuesday)

Day 46 (Wednesday)

Day 47 (Thursday)

Day 48 (Friday)

Nothing for this day.

Day 49 (Saturday)

Day 50 (Sunday)