Soylent Day 37 - 43: Normal Days Until The B Day

The first half of this past week was uneventful. I was chugging Soylent for lunch, eating regular dinners, and drank plenty of beers. It was pleasant. My work productivity, energy levels, and weight were fairly consistent.

My Birthday Day 1

My birthday was this past weekend. I'm not a fan of big birthday bashes. I like smaller gatherings with close friends. I had no plans for my birthday this year; I figured that I was too old for birthday parties now.

On Saturday, I took the train to my hometown, Lowell, a small city north of Boston. I met up with my close friends at their apartment. We used to be roommates so this was a natural meeting spot. I hadn't seen my friends for a few weeks so I wanted to meet up, have dinner, and catch up.

My best friend Corey, spontanenously decided that he wanted to go to a winery. Coincidentally, everyone and their significant other were present or available so the winery trip became a triple date. I don't know if Corey and Tiffany, his girlfriend who is also a close friend of mine, planned this, but they ended up paying for everything. They also bought me a nice bottle of whiskey. We had a wine tasting and then bought a couple bottles of wine. The weather on Saturday was beautiful, so we found picnic table on the vineyard and enjoyed the wine bottles with some cheese and crackers.

This was the start of a very long weekend.

After the winery trip, we returned to Corey's apartment and ordered chicken wings. We ate the wings, drank mead, and caught up some more. After that, we decided to visit a friend who was hosting an Octoberfest party. We hung out at the party for a couple hours then return to the apartment. From there, everything from a blur. The rest of the night consisted of more wine, whiskey, mead, chicken wings, Yu Gi Oh Abridged, and Rock Band.

It was awesome.

My Birthday Day 2

I did not sleep Saturday night. I took the 7AM train into Boston, stumbled home, showered, and took a 3 hour nap.

I have a young niece that shares the same birthday as me. Every year, her parents hosts a big birthday party for her. It's a chance for her to hang out with all of little her and her parents chance to drink. It also a big family get together, so I had to make an appearance.

I woke up, caught cab, and met up with my cousin. My cousin is a freshman in college and new to Boston. She's from Vietnam. She is not familiar with the city and it's public transit system. My mission was to meet up with her, and guide her to my nieces birthday party. The party was in Lowell.

Sunday, was a grueling day that ended with lots of eating and even more drinking. It's par for Vietnamese birthday parties. I managed to avoid drinking too much, and returned home at 8PM.


Day 30 (Monday)

Day 31 (Tuesday)

Day 32 (Wednesday)

Nothing for today.

Day 33 (Thursday)

Day 34 (Friday)

Day 35 (Saturday)

Nothing for today.

Day 36 (Sunday)


I drank a lot of calories this past weekend. Also, because of the birthday festivities, I missed dance practice on Sunday.

Even with those set backs, my weight, muscle mass, and body fat are still consistent. This good news.

It has been 4 weeks since I returned to eating normal dinners and Soylent for lunch. My weight has been consistent this whole time. I think it will remain like this until I finish with my knee's physical therapy. Once that happens, I can resume my old exercise regimen and see if I lose weight.

I won't cut my coloric intake until then.

If I don't see much progress by December or January, I'll begin replacing portions of my dinner with Soylent. I think it will be a good compromise. I'll still get the taste I want with calorie control I need.