Soylent Day 30 - 36: Beers for Days

It's great to be back on normal foods for dinner. I feel like I've been stressing this a lot, but it is a huge deal for me. It makes social logistics simple. I don't stress about food during my dates or hangouts because I know I can be flexible with eating. Another thing I want to emphasize is that Soylent has been a great lunch substitute. Like I've mentioned before, Soylent for lunch has been a great boon for my productivity at work since it doesn't cause the post lunch lazy haze.

The biggest issue this past week has been the amount of alcohol I consumed.

Mr Fancy Pants

I've had normal dinners for the past 2 weeks and have fallen back into my habit of pairing beers with my meals. A great beer with dinner is an amazing experience. I know it sounds a little over the top for a daily meal, but I'm the kind of guy who likes to wine and dine himself, even if it's by himself.

For me, it's a great way to unwind after a long day. It's something that has been instilled in me by my parents, and reinforced by all of the great memories I've created with friends. This has been especially important for me the past 7 days because I've had some stressful days caused by the piling up of minor nuisances.

My office has a fridge stocked with beers, so, when I eat one of the catered dinners, I'll grab a beer.

I live across the street from two great convenience stores that stock micro brewery beers. When I know I'll have dinner at home, I'll stop by one of the two convenience stores on the way home and pick up a nice bottle of beer.

I'm probably adding an additional 100-200 calories every other day.

Bowel Movements

When I first started Soylent, I went for the full 100% replacement of food. My bowel movements during this time was easy and consistent. Strangely, after reintroducing normal foods, the ease of my bowel movements dropped drastically. The past 6 days showed a return to pre Soylent bowel movement ease. Perhaps my body, which was conditioned to 100% Soylent, had finally readusted to normal foods. Whatever the cause, I am grateful for having easy bowel movements again.


I believe my weight has stabilized. I am grateful that I'm not hovering in the low 130 pound range, which was my weight prior to incorporating Soylent into my diet.

My muscle percentage, fat percentage, and general body weight fluctuates daily; however, when I look at the data over the entire range of time, they have been dancing around a middle line.

This is good news for me because I have only been dancing 2 days a week instead of my usual 3-4 days. Furthermore, I've been slacking on my 20 pull ups challenege. I hope to resume my original dance and workout schedule once my physical therapy sessions have ended. I should see some more weight loss from that.

The fact that I'm maintaining consistent weight while eating and drinking makes me hopeful. The road to 7% is going to be a long one, but I think I can get there with my sanity intact.

Day 30

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Day 34

Forgot to take a picture today. Sorry guys.

Day 35

Day 36


This past week has been a true return to normal caloric consumption. I enjoy beers and whiskey. I particularly enjoy pairing beers with meals and sharing it with friends and family.

Most of my dinners this week has been accompanied by alcohol. Because of that, my weight has remained stable. I don't mind this because I'm not back to my full dance and exercise schedule. I believe that once I return to that I'll see some more weight loss. Also, I haven't made any major cuts to my calorie consumption so that is another avenue for weight loss.

I am not going to adjust my diet yet. I want to maintain the last 7 day's diets for a couple more weeks. This will give me a good baseline of my weight and other metrics with Soylent for lunch. Once I have that, I'll tweak my diet one variable at a time.

I am still optimistic about reaching my goals or getting close to it with my sanity in tact.