Soylent Day 23 - 29: Easy Week and Little Gains

It's been a really fast week. It's probably because I'm back to a normal food for dinner. I didn't catch myself struggling with food temptations during the past week.

My week consists of two main meals. I have Soylent for lunch and, if I am hungry, a pre bed snack. Dinner is reserved for normal food. It has provided me with all of the umami, savory, and fatty tastes that I enjoy and crave daily. It has also fulfilled my relaxation time. I am definitely more calm and happy this past week. I am definitely happy with Soylent for lunch. It's cheap, easy, and has been a great way to control how much calories I'm consumed for lunch. I've also avoided the post lunch lazy haze.

I don't have any Soylent on weekends. This is because it's hard fitting Soylent into my weekends in a structured manner. I'm bad at self restraint so without a habit to guide me, I'll just fall into things that are easy. I sleep in on the weekends, so my mornings don't involve eating. In the afternoon, I am cleaning, doing laundry, at a cafe doing school work, and or socializing. The weekend afternoons are too unreliable for a Soylent regimen. My weekend evenings, until 1AM or so, are fully taken up by dance practice and hanging out with my crew. I'm not home during this time and I don't want to pack warm Soylent for 6 hours.

With the above schedule, I see Soylent as part of my life indefinitely.

Little Gains

My return to eating dinner was not an easy one. I binged ate during the first half of the week. Everything was just so delicious and I missed the flavours so much. This caused my weight loss progress to stall initially.

Now that Soylent only accounts for one, maybe two, of my daily meals, I've noticed my progress has slowed down a bit. I'll need to exercise some restraint during dinner if I want to speed up my weight loss. I'm don't want to do that yet, I'll wait a month or so. If I don't manage to lose weight with minimal restraint during dinner, then I'll start eating lower calorie dinners. Right now, I want my eating regimen to stablize.

My weight and mucscle mass has been consistent for most of this week. There were some blips caused by over eating, but I finished this week on a good note. My knee is getting stronger with each passing week so I'll be able to get back into my normal exercise and dance practice schedule.

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I got distracted and didn't get a picture for Day 28. Sorry guys.

Day 29


This past week has been a great week overall. My energy and general mood has been high. There was a dramatic drop in my general mood, but that was caused by something Soylent independent.

The biggest issue has been my inconsistent bowel movements. It was not as easy and consistent as when I was on 100% Soylent. I kind of miss that. It could be chalked up to the foods I am having for dinner. Most of my dinners have been protein heavy (e.g. various chicken wings) and I've had a lot more alcohol than usual this week.

The upside is that I've been picking up on my exercises. The soreness line definitely reflects that. My soreness usually kicks in a full day after my exercise. I am looking forward to falling into my old pre knee injury exercise schedule.

Overall, I've been happy with my Soylent experience this week. I don't have to worry about lunch. This let's me know that if I don't lose weight, then dinner or alcohol is the culprit. To me, that is a valuable bit of information. I'm going to stick with my current eating habits for a month or so. Afterwards, I'll reflect on the results and cull dinner and alcohol consumption as necessary.

Til, next week, cheers.