Soylent Day 17 to 22 - A Rough Week and a Great Finish

I restarted my Soylent regimen on Tuesday, September 2nd. Today is the September 7th. These past 6 days have been trying psychologically.

Energy for Days

My work life has been great. My energy and productivity levels are consistently high.

There is a Capital One run Peet's coffee shop on my way to work. They offer a 50% discount on purchases to Capital One card holders. My inner cheapskate can't pass up on such a great deal, so I've been starting my mornings with a large cup of iced coffee. That cup of coffee is all I need for the day, or, at least, that's what I keep reminding myself. I have to be careful or else I'll fall back to my 7+ cups of coffee a day habit.

The combination of coffee and light Soylent lunches have allowed me to work consistently throughout the day. I have come to the realization that heavy meals are my triggers for rest time. Soylent is light and satiatinng so I've been avoiding the 1-2PM lazy haze. At this point, I think Soylent is going to stay as lunch time food.


I've had difficult or nonexistant bowel movements this past week. It could be caused by two things: the dehydration from coffee or lower fiber content of the food I had prior to resuming Soylent. It might be caused by both; either way, the I didn't have any bowel movements for first half of the last 6 days. Luckily, Soylent started providing fiber and I became regular again.

Breaking Down at Dinner Time

I'm very good at self control during lunch and main work hours. It's probably because of how mentally engrossing the work is. Also, the coffee helps keep my appetite at bay during the first half of the morning. Dinner time is brutal though.

My company caters dinner everyday around 6:15PM. I leave the office at 6PM so I can avoid the temptation of free food. It does no good. The real struggle kicks in once I arrive at home.

My apartment is a place of rest, recovery, and relaxation. Food is a core part of that. I derive great pleasure from eating delicious foods and watching food porn shows. This conflicts with the Soylent diet I am on. I've been stressed these past 6 days. I started a new semester of grad school, had some struggles with small contracting side job, and had a myriad of small tasks I needed to sort out. When I am stressed, I like to take a hot shower, eat a delicious meal, and chill out. I spend about two hours doing that before bed. Soylent throws that relaxation mechanism out the window.

The stress I've been dealing with the past week and the lack of recovery time caused my determination to waver.

I've had a lot of close calls this past week. I would catch myself, phone in one hand and a takeout menu on the other, about to order a last minute dinner at 11PM. I've been able to restrain myself thus far, but I don't know how much longer I can last. My life has waves of stress caused by the ebb and flow of work and school. I want to develop a sustainable diet. I don't think the last 6 days was an example of a sustainable diet.

Social Weekends

At this point, it's not worth complaining about being social on weekends. I did not have any Soylent this weekend. I realize now that this is a big part of my life and it's pointless to fight it. I enjoy being social too much. I have no regrets.



My weight and body fat percentage stayed the same and even slightly increase during the first half of the last 6 days. This is probably caused by the constipation. By Friday, I had started becoming regular again and my body fat percentage dropped sub 10%. I haven't hit sub 10% before. It's not a consistent sub 10%, but I am happy. Friday's selfie is under the Day 20 label. I definitely see some more defintion in that picture. This small success brought back my hopes and reaffirmed my goals.

I don't have pictures or weighings for the past weekend. This is because I was occupied all of Saturday and today, Sunday the 7th, I am staying at my parents.

Day 17 Picture

Day 18 Picture

Day 19 Picture

Day 20 Picture


The past six days started low, but picked up. I was constipated, demoralized, and stressed for the first half. I saw some progress and felt a lot better in the second half.

The low taught me something. I've been trying to drop to a low percent body fat at an unsustainable pace. My psychology suffered because of that. Whenever I hit a stressful moment in life, my determination to eat only Soylent wavered. I rely on delicious food as a relaxation mechanism. Eating only Soylent prevents me from enjoying that method of relaxation and thus requires more self restraint stick to. I was still productive but I wasn't enjoying my days. I want Soylent to become a part of my daily routine and had planned to reintroduce normal food once I reach a 7% body fat percentage. I think I will start that diet now.

From now on, I will consume Soylent for lunch and as a pre bed time snack, if I feel hungry. I will consume normal food for dinner. This gives me multiple benefits:

  1. I can still control my caloric intake because two out of my three meals is still Soylent.
  2. Since two out the tree meals is Soylent, I will remain regular.
  3. I won't over eat during lunch and thus won't have a 1-2PM post lunch lazy haze.
  4. They are quick and price efficient meals.
  5. Dinner will keep me sane since I can use that time slow to savor delicious food and relax from stress.
  6. I can be social during dinner time.

That is my last 6 days in review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please provide me with comment and suggestions, and look forward to next Sunday's post.