Soylent Day 16 - A Change of Pace

Today has been an uneventful day. I discovered last night that today is Labor day and that I had the off. There goes my structured work day. I slept until noon, ran a few errands, and vegged out. I'm not used to having an unplanned day. I perform my best my when my days are structured and habitual. I rely on the structure and my habits to make progress in everything I do. When left to my own devices, I crumble.

For example, I didn't eat Soylent at all today.

For breakfast, I had some left overs from the weekend. I couldn't help it because I am not one to waste food. I tried to have some 6 day old Soylent for my snack. Soylent recommends drinking before 3 days. After a small taste, I had to dump it out. It smelled and tasted rancid. This 6 day old Soylent was from a batch that I made for my company retreat. If you read my retreat and weekend recap post, you'll know that I didn't eat any Soylent.

As of this posts' writing, I haven't had a snack. I can either mix a batch of Soylent up and have it for snack and the subsequent dinner or order take out. I'm probably going to order take out. I guess tomorrow will my official return to Soylent.

Changing Posting Frequency

I am a full time software engineer and a part time graduate student. Tomorrow is the start of my fall semester. Between work, classes, and homework, I won't have as much time as I did before. With that in mind, I've decided to post once a week, on Sunday. I will continue to take daily progress pictures and subjective data recordings, and keep notes of my days. Instead of reporting them daily, I'll going to coallesce them into a weekly summary post. We'll lose some of the itty bitty details that a daily log provides, but I think this may turn out to be a good thing. The weekly summary lets me reflect on the week. I'll be able notice trends in behavior and progress and report it more succintly.


There isn't any progress to mark today. I didn't work out or eat Soylent so the weighings are consistent with yesterday.


Overall, the long cheat session hasn't completely decimated the progress I made on my first week of Soylent. I believe that if I consistently stick with Soylent during workdays, I will wash out my weekend cheats and create a downward body fat percentage trend.

I am looking forward to resuming my Soylent regimen tomorrow when I get back to work. I think Soylent to become invaluable when I my graduate works starts to build up. I'll be able to rely on Soylent instead of takeout during those late night homework sessions.