Soylent Day 10 to 15 - Being Social is the Bane of Soylent

It's been 5 days since my last post. I promised I'd write on Friday, but I had a date Friday and a group date on Saturday so I didn't get a chance to update this blog until Sunday. It's not such an issue since the last 5 days had one central theme: not eating Soylent.

The Company Retreat

My company retreat was a blast. It started as soon as we got seated on the bus. We were given red solo cups. Pitchers of orange and red drinks were passed around. They were mimosas and bloody maries. It wasn't long before the alcohol kicked in and my self restrained, Soylent drinking self was left in Boston.

When we arrived at the retreat, which was a beach resort, everything was covered. We were given drink vouchers and had catered meals.

The drink vouchers were for alcoholic drinks and I have a hard time turning down free booze, especially on vacations. Furthermore, we were blessed with beautiful weather during the retreat so ice cold, alcoholic beverages were perfect complements. It's hard sitting under a tent, gazing at the scenic beach, sipping water while your peers are drinking daiquiris, pina coladas, and beers. I broke down and drank the entire weekend. It was a blur of conversations, jokes, and songs on the beach.

I couldn't pass up on catered group meals. The meals were informal moments where I bonded and learned about my coworkers. It's easy to get a conversation rolling when you are sharing the same meal. You can comment on the food and let it lead you to more interesting topics.

In total, the trip was three days and two nights at a beach resort. The weather was amazing, the meals were tasty, and the alcohol plentiful. I didn't have any Soylent, even though I packed two days worth.

Goodbye Lunch

My company and I returned to Boston at 1:30PM on Friday. That Friday was also the last day for one of our interns. He's a cool dude. I said goodbye to him, wished him luck on his next semester at school, and headed home. I wanted to rest a bit and maybe have some Soylent before my date that night.

The intern and I ended up walking the same way. We were both headed towards Park Street station. We struck up a conversation and decided to have lunch. We decided to eat at a UBurger, which is near Park Street Station. I had a BoomBurger and a basket of fries. After lunch I knew that I wasn't going to have any Soylent on Friday.


I had a Sundubu dinner date at 6:30PM on Friday and a Kayaking group date on Saturday.

Friday's date consumed the rest of the evening, so I did not a chance to post anything.

Saturday's group date started at 11AM. It was a triple date with three couples. We went kayaking, grabbed coffee, and did a little shopping. One of my friends had wanted italian food, so we walked towards the North End. When we arrived, it was a 3:40PM and too early for dinner. I had been at the North End once before and knew of a funny improv place so I suggested we grab an improv show before dinner.

The improv venue had a bar, so my friends and I grabbed beers. The show was a riot and set a great mood for our evening dinner. Dinner itself was delicious. We shared a bottle of wine and let each other sample our entre's and appetizers. After dinner, we stopped by Thinking Cup and had desserts and coffee. My date and I shared a slice of Strawberry Fraisier. I've never had it before. It was delicious

There is something magical about having a group meal with friends. The act of sharing drinks, food, and stories make conversations flow easily. Soylent's biggest issue is that it is too efficient. The meal is over so quickly that you don't get the opportunity to develop a conversation.


I don't have any progress pictures or scale readings during my company retreat. I tried to pack my scale for the retreat, but it was too big for my weekender. I also don't have pictures or scale reading for Friday and Saturday because the dates consumed most of my attention and time.


Most of the things I am tracking are the same regardless of what I eat. One thing that is different is that my bowel movements are a lot more difficult when I am not on Soylent. My guess is that it is caused by the combination of alcohol and unbalanced diet. When I eat normal foods, I tend to favor proteins over fiberous foods.

These past 5 days have been wonderful because of the social interactions I had over food and I drinks. I felt guilty that I wasn't on Soylent and I am excited to start it again tomorrow. My biggest issue is that I am human and thus I am a social animal. Normal food fits into social situations well so I don't think I'll be able to replace it. Being social is truly the bance of Soylent.