Soylent Day 9 - Mouthful of Eggs and a Fistful of Soylent

I really shouldn't read fiction before bed. Similar to Sunday night, I stayed up until 2:30AM reading. I only managed to pry myself from the fictional world because of an egg induced sleep.

During my reading, I walked to the fridge to pour myself some water water and realized that I still had 4 soft boiled eggs left. If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I soft boiled 8 eggs some time last week. It was late in the evening or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it, and I was getting hungry. I wouldn't have had the eggs if I had gone to bed at midnight, but it was 2AM and my last Soylent meal was 4 hours ago. I decided that last night was the the night to finish off the eggs. I peeled the remaining four and inhaled them cold with some salt. It wasn't a pretty sight. The whole egg peeling and inhaling ordeal took long enough that I finally escaped the fictional world that enthralled me.

I fell asleep around 3AM.

I woke up at 8AM, went back to sleep, and woke up again at 8:15AM. Similar to yesterday morning, I felt decently rested as soon as I stood up. I breezed through my morning routine and commuted to work. For the same reason as yesterday, I bought another large iced coffee.

Productivity Storm

Work was a frenzy of coding. I spent about 80% of my work time standing at my desk. I've been writing integration tests for the web app that I've rewritten and it's been really fun. I was so absorbed in my work that I didn't notice it was lunch until 12:40PM. The combination of coffee and the Soylent diet has been good for my energy levels.

After my quick lunch around 1PM, I wasn't sluggish and resumed work quickly. Usually, after a normal non Soylent lunch, I'd become lethargic, sleepy, and completely unproductive. To combat the lethary from normal food, I'd drink a lot of coffee and spend an hour messing around to get back into the swing of things. With Soylent, I only felt a little drained and was able to regenerate with 10-15 minutes of light gaming on my phone. I plowed through work, with occasional breaks, until 6PM. It was a very informal pomodoro approach.

At 6PM, my gut reminded me that it was hungry with a loud grumble. That's something different about my gut after entering a mostly Soylent diet. It's become more vocal. When it's time to eat, it'll make a very loud grumble. I don't remember the last time my stomach made grumbly noises when I was eating regular food. Anyway, I drank my Soylent snack and headed home.

Fistful of Soylent

I'd like to share with you, dear readers, a small tip I've discovered to reduce the, already minimal, mess associated with Soylent preparation. I use it with my Soylent Starter Kit container, but I'm sure it'll work with other containers. The only requirement is that the container can hold an entire day's worth of Soylent and has an air tight lid.

With this tip, you'll never scoop or spill powdered Soylent. The steps are simple:

  1. Shake the Soylent pouch so that all of the powder settles to the bottom.
  2. Tear the pouch's seal.
  3. Clench the neck below the opening of the pouch, like you are choking an ill behaved child (just kidding) so that it scrunches up.
  4. While continuing to clench the neck, so that no Soylent spills out, shove the opening of the pouch into your container.
  5. Dump the Soylent powder into container.
  6. Add water and oil. Close lid. Shake until thoroughly mixed.
  7. Profit from all those seconds you saved from not cleaning spilled Soylent powder.


My weight is about the same as last Tuesdays; however my body fat percentage is almost the same as my last weeks minimum! I think I can drop into 10% this week. I am optimistic about it. I've also started recording my muscle mass. It's been hovering around 48% of my total body weight. Today, I'm at 49.2%. I'm not focused on muscle gain at this point in time so I won't include a graph. As long as I stay above 48% I'll be happy. My muscle should increase in percentage as my body fat percentage drops. I'll consider introducing protein if it starts to drop below 48%.


Today's been a great day. I was productive at work, didn't feel hungry until it was eating time, and didn't feel lethargy after lunch. I just realized that most of my Soylent days have been like this. I must be taking a more balanced amount of nutrients than my normal foods. Also, I think I am adjusting to the Soylent lifestyle. I can see myself having Soylent for lunch indefinitely. The only hiccup was my tough bowel movements. It's probably the aftermath of the week old softboiled eggs that I had last night. Once all of the normal food has passed through my system, I believe my bowel movements will become easy like those from the middle of last week.

My company's retreat starts tomorrow. It's 3 days and 2 nights at some mysterious beach location. I've heard that there will be a lot of booze. This is going to be dangerous. I'm going to pack 2 Soylent pouches and my scale. I hope to maintain my daily blogging, but if I fail, know that there will be a summary for you when I get back on Friday.