Soylent Day 8 - Getting Back on the Horse

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I've been a bad boy this past weekend. To make things worse, I got absorbed with some manga reading and didn't sleep until 3AM.

At 8 AM my phone alarm rang. I unlocked my phone, set an alarm for 8:15AM, and went back to sleep. In the back of my mind, I knew that I had to get up, so when the 8:15AM alarm rang, I flipped off my blankets and rolled out of bed. To my surprise, as soon as I got I up, I realized that I wasn't groggy or tired. I felt mildly refreshed. I think that as long as I don't wake up in 6.5 to 7 hours sleeping range I’m good. More hours of sleep is good, less is bearable, between 6.5 and 7 and I'm a slug. Anyway, I got dressed and started my commute to work. Along the way, I picked up a large iced coffee as a safety measure against any unexpected crash. My company is hosting a retreat this week so I only have two or three solid work days and I can't waste them. At work, I've been rewriting a mobile web app in a new framework and I want to make a strong impression with it. I need all the energy I can get. That's how I'm justifying this morning's cup of coffee anyway.

Exuberance and Hunger

I arrived at the office at 9AM and started work standing. I haven't mentioned this before, but I've rigged a cheap standing desk at work. It's composed of a monitor on top of an Ikea side table sitting on top of a normal office desk, and a laptop stand. The laptop stand is reversed so that my laptop keyboard has a downward incline which keeps your wrists straight. Anyway, I bring this up because it's atypical. I usually sit in the mornings and then stand after lunch. I ended up standing about 80% of the time at work today. I also cranked out a lot of code. It must have been the combination of coffee and waking up at the right time.

I didn't have lunch until 12:40PM. Usually, I'll feel small hunger pangs as noon approaches, but I was totally absorbed in my work. That’s good a thing, I suppose. I believe that coffee is an appetite supressant so that may be the cause of it. When I did have lunch, Soylent was as a tasty as ever. Strangely, I felt full after drinking roughly 300 milliliters. I usually drink 500 milliters. My stomach must have been feeling embarassed about the weekend so it held back during lunch.

By 4:30PM though, it had forgotten about its sins and was roaring for food. The hunger gurling noises were so loud that I heard it through my headphones. I decided that I should have an early snack instead of waiting until 6PM and run the risk of disturbing my co workers. My company's California office was flown in this week for the upcoming company retreat. Some of these coworkers, I have never met before. I can't make myself look like an ass and disturb them with my gut orchestra. I walked to the kitchen and enjoyed another 200 milliliters of Soylent. I was satisfying.

Throughout the day, I didn't have any strong cravings. Perhaps the weekend's cheat had filled some nutritional gap I was missing. I doubt it though because I had cravings during my first day of Soylent. I have suspicions that it's all psychological. Now that I've made it through a week, I think my resolve is stronger. We'll see how I fare as the week continues.


I had physical therapy today. Today's exercises included resistance band side ways walking, various one legged TRX lunges, body weight squats, and balance exercises. My glutes are getting so jacked from the side ways resistance band walking.

After physical therapy, I headed home. At home, I did day three of week 4 of the 20 pull-ups challenge. In total, I did 48 pull-ups. I also did some stretching and sets of 1 minute isometric holding exercises. It included things like handstands, turtles, and airchairs. I had wall assistance of course; I'm not that beast yet.


My body weight has returned to roughly the same level as it was last Monday. To my pleasant surprise, my body fat percentage is 0.8% less than last Monday. This is still too soon to make an statements about weight loss. I'll see how this week ends.


Getting back on the Soylent horse is a lot easier than I had expected. In fact, today was significantly easier than last Monday. I had a great day, my energy levels were good, and I was productive at work. I also pushed hard in my physical therapy and workout. Let's see if I can control myself and not spoil my progress with intense cheating this upcoming weekend. I have a company retreat this week...