Soylent Day 7 - Weekend Recap

I've been cheating from Friday till today. It's unavoidable because of social requirements. I had a date Friday, my mother's birthday dinner and my dance crew's 1 year anniversary party on Saturday, and I was slightly hungover today. Okay, the last one was a pretty weak excuse.

I don't think I'll ever have a weekend that's 100% Soylent.


Friday night was on the healthier end of the spectrum. My date and I went for a nice walk in Cambridge. After a bit of walking we dediced to try out Thelonious Monkfish. I've walked by it a few times but have never eaten there. I didn't know what to expect. Turns out they are an asian fusion restaurant with some funky sushi rolls. We ordered tortilla wrapped peking duck and agedashi tofu for starters. Our entree consisted of two massive makimono rolls; the Sleeping Beauty and the Lover Man. Freudian slips anyone? I was a good boy and didn't order any alcohol. We also skipped desert.

We didn't eat anything else after dinner, so my caloric intake that day was minimal.


Saturday was a dieters worst nightmare.

I woke up at noon and had brunch at Trident. My brunch partner and I split challah french toast and a prosciutto sandwich with sweet potato fries. Not a good start.

I then dropped by my crew's anniversary event. Things hadn't started yet, so I helped do some grocery shopping and then had a Whales Tail Pale Ale.

Around 5:30PM, I hailed a cab started my journey to my to my mother's birthday event. Like most asian families, our get togethers place huge emphasis on food. My mother cultivated the foodie in me. She was a foodie before that was even a thing. Her birthday event was a smorgasbord of delicious food. We ate from 7PM to 10PM. We had grilled clams, braised goat, ginger lobster, chicken rice, random meat pastries, fruits, and more. Also, following typical Vietnamese tradition, we washed the food down with ice cold Heinekens. I had 4 beers.

After my mother's event, I returned to my crew's anniversary event. There, I drank several more beers and ate a lot of sausages. The theme of the party was sausages... Yup, we had a sausage party.

Throughout the day, my energy levels were fairly normal. It wasn't different than my Soylent only days. I think the key factor in my energy levels is sleep and I slept well Friday night. The only difference from my Soylent only days was that I didn't have any bowel movements on Saturday.


I woke up today, feeling rested but lazy. I was definitely dehydrated from last night's drinking and decided that I didn't want to resume Soylent until tomorrow. I didn't have a solid reason for deciding on this, other than wanting an excuse to get out of my apartment. If I don't get out of my apartment, I'll just spend the entire day in bed watching food shows. I really like watching food shows (Top Chef, Master Chef, Cutthroat Kitche, No Reservations, Parts Unknown, Chopped, Munchies, and so many more). In order to be productive, I have to put myself into an environment that brings out my productive side.

In particular, I enjoy cafe-esque environments. Cafes have this atmosphere that gets me into a work focused mood. Perhaps, I've conditioned myself to work everywhere but home. I'm writing this blog post at Trident. The only downside of cafes and is that it's not acceptable to hang out at a cafe and not buy anything. Since I'm at Trident, I decided to order food and a coffee. I had a turkey burger with fries.


This weekend has been brutal in terms of sticking to my Soylent only plan. I also saw a huge spike is weight and body fat percent. This is most likely from all the food that's in my system. I'm sure that once I switch back to Soylent tomorrow and have a couple bowel movements, I'll be back down to the 11% area. I hope that the long term trend will be downwards.

Although the numbers are discouraging, my physical looks roughly the same as yesterday and better than day 1 of soylent. Phew.

The upside to all this is that I am getting a glimpse of what life is like once I've reached my body fat percentage goal. If I can lose weight with bad weekends and Soylent only weekdays, then once I've reached my goal, I'll stand a good chance of maintaining my body fat percentage with a mix of Soylent and regular foods on weekdays. It could be a sustainable long term eating system.


Borro from the Soylent Discourse thread made some great suggestions. The charts have been updated to include more data. I'm now including information like ease of bowel movement and sex drive. I'm also replacing optimism with general mood. I think optimism is a subset of the general mood category. Calorie cutting runs the risk of muscle loss, so I am now including my muscle percentage. It's part of my scale's reading so, like perent body fat, it may not be accurate.

I've also decided to wrap my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday posts into one wrap up post. It will be published every Sunday. My rationale for this is that my weekends are erratic and I won't be able to dedicate a chunk of time everyday to work on posts. It's more time efficient for me. Also, weekends are usually going to involve cheating so I'll bundle them all into one instead of having three separate posts about how bad of a Soylenter I am.

I am looking forward to eating Soylent tomorrow.