Soylent Day 5 - Cheating is the Norm

I had a boiled egg last night after my last Soylent meal. I'll have to do this for another week. It's the only way I'm going to finish all of the soft boiled eggs from last Wednesday. The egg white is not didn't taste great cold, but the yoke tasted almost as intoxicating as the first time. It has this savory, umami flavor that I love so much.

Vivid Dreams

I slept early last night. I turned off the lights at midnight and rolled around for a little bit, but ultimately fell asleep around 12:30AM. I awoke from the most vivid dream I've had in a awhile, checked my phone and realized it was only 2:30AM. After spending a few seconds trying to etch the dream into my memories, I quickly fell back to sleep. It's all a dull haze now, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with coding in a fantasy universe and magic was involved.

I don’t usually wake up in the middle of the night. Could this be Soylent’s doing? I searched on google and found this Soylent Discourse thread. Other people have experience the same thing. What is it about Soylent that encourages vivid dreams?

Great Night's Sleep

I felt refreshed waking up today. I actually woke up at 7:53AM, 7 minutes before my alarm. I laid in bed until 8:03AM. It was nice to lay in bed, stretch, and try to remember that gnarly dream from last night. It had an atmosphere like Dungeons and Dragons mixed with software engineering. Anyway, I’m feeling really great this morning. In total I slept about 7.5 hours. That two hours from 12:30 to 2:30AM and another 5.5 hours from 2:30AM to 7:53AM.I guess 6.5-7 hours is bad, but 7.5 hours is good. This blog is helping me figure out my ideal sleep time.

Today is formal Friday at the office so I donned a white oxford and navy blue tie, and headed to work.

It’s 10:30AM and my stomach is occasionally reminding me that it’s hungry. It’s not distracting or unbearable. I think this is just how it will be from now on. I can get used to this because eating when I'm feeling hungry is great. After all, "hunger is the best sauce".

Cheaty McCheaterson

I have a date this evening so my blog post is going to be shorter and published earlier than usual. I'm having solid foods today. Sorry guys. There will be no physique or scale reading photos. Instead, have a formal Friday picture. You can't really see it with the bad studio (read: bathroom) lighting, but I am rocking a sweet mustached tie bar.

I’ll weigh myself later tonight and upload the charts.

Compensating for the Cheating

I packed 400 milliliters of Soylent for lunch and drank it at 12:15PM. I've never mentioned this before, but I enjoy chewing Soylent. There are some fine gritty particles that are satisfying to bite into. It feels like I'm eating something substantial. Anyway, 400 milliliters is roughly a quarter of daily Soylent amount or 500 calories. I’m skipping my usual 6PM Soylent snack because I'll probably consume more calories, during my date, than usual. Skipping my snack will increase my chances of staying under or within my calorie consumption limit.

You can’t be certain when you eat at a restaurant. The foods are tasty because the chefs are putting all sorts of fats, carbs, and seasonings into it. Some of you might be thinking, why not have a salad? If I’m going to a good restaurant, I’m going to have dishes they are known for or cook well. If it happens to be salads, then, yes, I’ll have a salad. Tonight’s dinner is going to be chosen spontaneously as my date and I explore the Cambridge area. Thus, the chances of us choosing a good salad place is unlikely.

Can't Kick the Habit

By 1:49PM, I’m feeling the post lunch drain. I’m yawning and having difficulty focusing on my work. I've weened myself mostly off of coffee and I'm very energetic today; but the little monkey in my head kept whispering so seductively: "Get Coffee~".

Today, I oblidged. I went for a little walk at 3PM and bought a fine cup of Ethiopian. I love full bodied drinks. Maybe that's why I enjoy Soylent so much.


This is the first day since I started my Soylent regimen where my weight went up slightly. It's because of my date, but I don't mind. Being socialable is a good thing. I am also pleasantly surprised by how little I gained. Looks like I did a good job not over eating.


Today has been a good day. It's a bit premature since I am publishing today's post around 4PM instead of my usual 10PM. My energy and optimism levels are at an all time high and this is before coffee. It's cooling right next to me as I type this. My hunger level is consistent with yesterdays. I am fairly sure this is how it will be from now on.

I hope that I don't cry when I weight myself tonight. Wish me luck in my efforts to not binge eat during my date!