Soylent Day 4 - Stumble and Recovery

Wednesday is billiards night. So, after publishing last night's post, I biked to my usual billiards hall. I arrived around 10:30PM, played a few games, and drank a Guinness. Guinness has roughly the same amount of calories as Bud Light, but tastes a ton better. Surprised?.

After the first beer, I stopped myself and had water. This is a huge contrast from my usual 3+ glasses of whiskey and or beer. Around 12:30AM, I biked home. This is also atypical because I usually stay until hall closes at 1:30AM. I had to leave though because I could feel my resolve crumbling. I knew that the longer I stayed the more tempted I would be to get another alcoholic drink or fries. Also, I didn’t want to be tired for work.

After getting home, I opened the fridge to pour myself a glass of water and realized that I had an almost full carton of eggs that had reached their best by/expiration date. Although, I am the Soylent diet; I am not one to waste food. I’ve been meaning to learn how to make soft boiled eggs and that was the perfect time. If I succeeded, I’d have to figure out what to do with 8 soft boiled eggs. If I failed, then I just “wasted" eggs that were due to expire anyway. By “wasted’ I mean, I would end up with hard boiled eggs and I am not a fan of those. I boiled a pot of water, dropped in 8 eggs, lowered the heat to low, closed the lid, and read Orwell's 1984 for 5 minutes.

When the 5 minutes was up, I drained the pot and rinsed the eggs with cold water to stop further cooking. At this point I had a decision to make. Either I assume I had soft boiled the eggs correctly or try one of the eggs out to confirm.

After a minute of deliberating and rationalizing, I broke down and decided one egg wouldn’t hurt. I futher convinved myself by reminding myself that the the eggs provided protein which is good. I peeled an egg and to my surprise they were the perfect level of soft boiled-ness. I inhaled the egg in about 5 seconds. It was, by far, the best tasting boiled egg I’ve had in my life. All of the eggy flavors were more intense than I am used to. I think that being on Soylent exclusively had sensitized my tongue to flavors. That, or maybe the egg was going bad and had developed some funkiness. I’ll stick to my former theory.

With about 130 calories from the Guiness and an additional 80 from the egg, I had consumed an additional 210 calories. Although, it wasn't a major slip, it was a slip nonetheless. Luckily, I had only drank 1 liter of Soylent yesterday. I didn’t top if off prior to dinner as I did on Tuesday. This might be the routine I follow every Wednesday.

I still have 7 more eggs. I may just have one a night until I run out.

After inhaling the egg, I had a glass of water and went to bed. I knocked out quickly in a daze of cozy, eggy comfort.

The Morning After

I woke up at 8 AM and had a rough time getting up. I have suspicions that 6:30 - 7 hours of sleep is a bad number for me. 6 hours is okay and 9 hours is great. Anything in between sucks. I’d like to shoot for 9 hours, but it isn’t feasible during the weekdays. Once I got up though, I was fine. If I were to rate today’s energy level, I’d put it somewhere between Monday and Tuesday's, but under Wednesday's. That's a convoluted way of putting things, so check out the summary below for a graph. I'm now keeping a chart of subjective energy, hunger, optimism, and soreness ratings.

I had a huge drop in energy levels after 10 AM. I was really tempted to get a cup of coffee. It is probably the weird sleeping schedule.

My stomach probably missed last night's egg because at 10:23AM, it reminded me that it was hungry by making grumbly noises. 10AM to 11:30AM was brutal. I was exhausted and the hunger pangs were mounting. At some point a transition happened. I stopped feeling or tiredness. I think my work finally captivated my mind. Perhaps, that is my “waking up” time.

Lunch was difficult. Soylent was tasty and filling; however, my co workers had delicious smelling food. If I was pegged with one of the 7 deadly sins, it would definitely gluttony. My gut was full, but I craved something savory just because I wanted the taste. I almost broke down and heated up some of the leftovers from yesterday’s company catered dinner. Who can turn down hummus, chicken and rice, and chili? It's borderline impossible.

I decided I had to get away from all the temptation. I left the lunch table and went to get coffee. I've been weaning myself off of coffee and had spent a couple months without it; however, this Soylent regimen is consuming some of my self restraint reserved for coffee control. Plus, I was tired. I bought myself a 20 ounce cup of full bodied Ethiopian coffee. I drink my coffee black so I wasn't cheating on my Soylent regimen.

The drink is like liquid sex. It brought me back to life. It cleared my mind and helped me forget about my desires to eat savory foods. I believe that environment encourages specific behaviors. A stocked kitchen encourages eating as an escape from boredom. A sparse kitchen does not. Getting out my company's kitchen and getting a cup of coffee was a perfect escape. The caffeine bump didn't hurt either.

The rest of my afternoon was an explosion of productivity and focus.


Today, I am 124.8 pounds, with 11.0% percent body fat. Yesterday, I was 125.2 pounds and 11.4% body fat. I'm not sure if these drops are because of my body adjusting to Soylent or I am seriously losing weight. It's only day 4. I've started tracking the data in a spreadsheet and will be including charts in every post.

If you compare today's photo with day 1's photo, there is a difference in tone. Hooray for daily pictures.


Today has been a mixture of highs and lows. My morning was definitely a low. I felt bad about prior night's cheating. I don't think it's avoidable since I enjoy billiards nights with my friends. I was also drained from my lack of sleep/badly timed wake up. After lunch and a cup of coffee, my day drastically improved. The chart below shows really high subjective ratings because they are in the afternoon, after I've had lunch and coffee. My initial ratings were a lot worse.

Soylent is becoming a regular part of my day. A downside of this is that my initial enthusiam is waning. I catch myself daydreaming out cheating and return to my old eating ways. Luckily, I reminded myself that I have this blog and that I accountable to all your dear readers.

I have a date tomorrow. That means dinner is going to be absolute cheating. I am sure this week's progress is going to disappear. I'll try to restrain myself. I'll be thinking about you dear readers.

Thank you for being here for me.


P.S. I've been getting a lot of suggestions on how to accurately measure my body fat percentage. I'm looking into it. I wonder how different it will be from my scale readings.