Soylent Day 3 - Getting into the Swing of Things

It was easy waking up today. I was pleasantly surprised because I had a really hard time falling asleep last night. I mentioned in yesterday's post that I was pretty tired, but, when it came time to fall asleep, I couldn't. I turned off the lights at 1AM and didn’t start dozing until 2AM. My mind was a frenzied tornado of thoughts. It was probably from the pot of tea at 7PM. I also felt a tinge of hunger while falling asleep. It wasn't unbearable and I can't blame it on Soylent since I had my last meal at 10PM. I think I am getting accustomed to going to bed without a stuffed stomach.


Going to bed without a full stomach is an issue for me. For the past year or so, I've gotten into the habit of having dinner late at night. Dinner time ranges anywhere from 10PM to 1AM. This meant that I had become used to going to bed with full stomach. I grew to like the full feeling while laying in bed.

Anyway, I woke up at 8AM and rolled out of bed without any complaints. I must have woken in stage 1 or 2 of sleep. Yesterday’s lethargy was probably from waking up during deep sleep.

I forgot my Soylent this morning; I was too focused on taking out the trash. Luckily, I realized this just two blocks from my apartment so I went back to get it. I need to get into the habit of packing Soylent every morning. I'm already permitting cheat days for social requirements so missing a Soylent day will set me back a lot.

I had a slight tinge of hunger while commuting to work, but it disappeared after drinking some seltzer water. It's convenient that my office keeps a fridge stocked with seltzer. Water is too boring. I drank 3 cans throughout my workday.

I felt euphoric at work. It's like a glowing sensation. A feeling like everything is right with the day. I guess, I woke up on the right side of the bed.

Hunger and Temptation

I had occasional spurts of hunge pangs, but they were minimal. Waiting til noon wasn't hard today. The only standout moment was when someone in the office brought something to delicious in. It smelled so good. It got me excited to drink my Soylent. I did humor the idea of digging into a savory pull pork sandwich, but then I'd think about how tasty the Soylent is. I may be an anomoly, but so far, I've enjoyed Soylent. We'll see if I'll be singing the same tune in a couple weeks.


The last day I worked out was Monday. Today is Wednesday and my muscles are sore. My muscles weren't sore yesterday. I believe this is called delayed onset muscle soreness. I am usually like this so it's reassuring that my body is behaving as usual.

Speaking of things usual, I had a bowel movement 2PM. It was quick. I think I have purged my body of all non soylent foods. That's what the stool is telling me.

Back to exercise, I had physical therapy today. Back in March, I tore my ACL and had surgery in May. I am trying to restore my right leg to its original capacities. Physical therapy consisted of one legged TRX squats, one legged lunges, and resistance band walking.

When I got home, I did day two of week four of the 20 Pull-ups challenge. I did the numbers on the 15+ column. I also did sets of 1 minute of various isometric holds. The difficulty level was the same as before Soylent. The bulk of the struggle came from my mind. I kept asking myself: "why are you evening doing this?". The answer was always because I want to.


Someone suggested in my Soylent Discourse thread that I look into a Bodpod. The case was that using a scale for BMI measurement is inaccurate. I looked into the Bodpod and discovered that there are none nearby. I'm surprised since Boston is a big city. Anyway, I don't think my Ozeri scale is inaccurate. It's a nice scale and I believe its numbers reflect the images I've found on the internet. Even if it is inaccurate, which is a definite possibility, as long as it's consistent with itself, I'll be able to track my progress. I'll stop the restricted calorie intake once I've hit the aesthetic that I want. I only chose 7% because it's close to the aesthetic I want.

Today I am 125.2 pounds at 11.4% body fat. That 0.8 pounds and 0.1% body less than yesterday. There are a myriad of factors that contribute to this loss so I'll have to see how much I weigh at the end of this week. Maybe I should create a chart that gets attached at the end of every post.

I don't know if it's in my head, but I swear there is more abdominal tone than yesterday. It's only day three but I'm allowed to feel excited right?


Today was the first normal day. Soylent wasn't something special. I am starting to fee like Soylent is just a part of my daily routine. My energy levels, productivity, and hunger were normal. I didn't drink coffee or tea today and it wasn't as high energy as yesterday. I am still optimistic.