Soylent Day 2 - Heavy Eyes and Wired Mind

I woke at 8AM and was exhausted. I'm not sure what caused it because I went to bed at 12:30AM and feel asleep quickly. That gives me roughly 7-7.5 hours of sleep. I don't think it's caused by the sudden Soylent diet; I've only had Soylent for one day. Perhaps, the alarm pulled me out of deep sleep (stages 3 and 4).

The commute to work was blur. I spent half of the time trying to convince my eye lids to stay open. My mind was like that annoying little brother who is trying to convince his brother, my body, to take him to the movies. I tried all sorts of motivational talk, but it was slow going.

Hunger Levels

Another oddity, was my morning hunger levels. My gut was rumbling throughout the morning. I don't eat breakfast; I haven't in years. I am going to chalk this up to my body responding to yesterday's calorie defecit. By 11:15, I was constantly eyeing the clock to see if it was noon yet. I don't want to get into the habit of early lunches because increase the time gap between lunch and dinner. I would get hungry earlier than usual and mess up my eating routing. I want to have lunch at noon, a snack or dinner at 6PM, and a snack or dinner at 10PM because that's what my habitual eating times are and they fit my schedule nicely.

After checking the clock for the nth time, I left the office. It was 11:30PM and I decided a walk to the coffee shop would keep me distracted until noon. I got back to office at roughly noon, armed wtih coffee. Now that it was lunch time, I decided to let my coffee cool and inhaled my lunch.

This first gulp was better than yesterday's. It maybe because I have been hungry all morning, but that meal of Soylent was satifying.

Once, I had lunch, the day became a lot easier. I was stuffed by my Soylent lunch and had no problems waiting until 6PM for my snack. My mental alertness was at peak levels too. I was cranking out code for hours on end. This could be because I had a cup of coffee after my lunch or because the work I was doing was interesting. However, the key thing was that consuming Soylent did not prevent me from being productive. This is only day two, but I am optimistic. The only negative factor was that my eyes were still heavy. Perhaps, I need to get more sleep.

Bathroom Time

I made my first bowel movement, after starting the Soylent diet, around 1PM. I was notified of the need by a mild stomach. The output wasn't firm and the color is lighter than my usual stuff; but it was substantial and moved easily. I'll have to get used to this as my body purges the remainder of normal food from my body.

Packing a Day's Worth of Food

I prepared the Soylent the night before and had filled a Nalgene Bottle. The bottle can hold a liter bottle and is absolutely convenient for my needs. A Soylent package is roughly 1.6 liters. This means the Nalgene bottle holds, roughly, two out of the three servings. Since I trying to consume 1100-1200 calories a day, the bottle is almost perfect. For lunch, I drank half of the bottle. Then at 6PM, I drank half of the remaining half.

The Nalgene bottle has nice measurements on the side, so topping off the bottle to meet my required calorie intake was easy. At 10PM, I poured an additional hundred milliliter of Soylent into the Nalgene bottle and drank my last meal of the day.


I am still shedding water weight. It maybe in my head but I think I am a bit more toned than yesterday. This could be the dehyration caused by the coffee I had at lunch and the tea I had at 7PM. I know they are diuretics so I've been drinking water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

I am now 126.4 pounds, at 11.5% body fat. This is 0.8 pounds lighter and 0.9% body fat less than yesterday. These drastic drops are probably from my bowel movement and shedding of water weight. Usually I eat a lot of dense savory foods so I believe that once my body has purged all of the normal foods, I'll start to see less drastic day-to-day weight loss.


I had a good day and the Soylent diet hasn't affected my daily productivity. I worked hard and had the energy to work on my side projects too. I also pumped out this blog post and will be getting some guitar time in. It's only been two days, but I am optimistic about a Soylent based diet.

I also want to thank everyone who provided criticism and feedback from the Soylent forums. I am slowly working to incorporate all of your suggestions.