Soylent Day 1 - Pleasantly Surprised

I woke up today feeling absolutely drained. This not because of Soylent though. I was drained because I was in NYC all weekend, partied a little too hard, and stayed up a later than usual to write the Soylent Day 0 post.

I walked into my office at 9:15AM with a dull headache right between the eyebrows. I don't eat breakfast so I only had water to carry me through the morning.

First Taste

I usually have lunch at at 12:30PM, but, by 11:30AM, I was famished. It might have been slightly psychological; I was anxious to try Soylent after all. I received the starter kit as part of my Soylent order, so I had packed their 2 liter pitcher to work.

I poured about a quarter of the pitchers content into a mug and took a sip. Soylent is surprisingly sweet. It's not overwhelming, but I wasn’t expecting it. It has a thick consistency, like rich chocolate milk, and a chalky mouth feel, like vanilla wafers. If you like Muscle Milk or other protein drinks, then you'll probably like Soylent. It's not exactly the same because Soylent is chalkier; however, I liked the chalkyness. There were also tiny grainy particles. This reminded me of fresh squeezed juices. It’s not bad. I could imagine myself drinking Soylent for awhile. After finishing the cup, I felt satisfied. Not stuffed, but not displeased. I was merely satiated.

The entire pitcher contained one day's worth of Soylent, or 2010 calories. Since I poured myself a quarter of the pitcher for lunch, I consumed roughly 500 calories.

After the Soylent infusion, my dull headache started to recede and my energy level picked up. I was definitely dehydrated in the morning.


I work at a startup, so I get some of the nice perks of a start up. My company caters dinner everyday and the kitchen is packed with snacks and leftovers from last night's dinner. This is a seriously tough environment for a person trying to cut weight.

I caught myself longingly looking into the company fridge at all of the sandwiches. There were pulled barbeque chicken, reubens, and cubanos. My sensitivity towards the temptations of good food got worst throughout the day. I work in a touristy neighborhood so there a lot of restaurants. I don't know if this is psychological or physiological, but I kept getting slapped with delicious scents.


I am on week 4 of the 20 Pull-up Challenge at the 15+ pull-up tier. So I did a total of 41 pull ups. I also did two sets of 1 minute isometric holds. This included hand stands and a few other positions. I'm recovering from an ACL surgery so I can't run or practice as much as I'd like yet.

Weight Loss Progress

I look about the same as yesterday.

However, I am three whole pounds ligther than yesterday. That is definitely water weight. I am also 0.3% body fat less, but I am sure that's just my scale's imprecision.

In total, I consumed 1388 calories from Soylent and 2.5 liters of water (note that this is more than what I had planned because I originally miscalculated how much calories was in a day's worth of Soylent. This post calorie values have been update to reflect my true consumption). I feel satisfied and well nourished, but physocoligcally, I crave tasty foods. Good thing my apartment is only stocked with Soylent and alcohol.