Hours in a Week

There are 168 hours in a week.

I believe a person should sleep at least 8 hours a day or whatever it isthat you biologically need. What's the point of being awake if you aren't alive?Caffeine can only do so much. When you don't get enough sleep, you will end upspending your first couple hours awake trying to get "awake" anyway. Why notavoid this pointless morning ritual and take that time get the sleep you need.Your body and mind will thank you. So for me, I try to spend 56 hoursasleep.

I am down to 112 hours.

I have a full time job as a software engineer. How else can I afford my awesomepenthouse showbox in the Back Bay? My work week varies depending on myenthusiam and deadlines. Let us assumme my week averages out to 50 hours forwork and the commute.

Now I have 62 hours.

Breakdancing is huge part of my life. It dictates so much of what I do. I limitwhat I eat, I workout, and ponder a lot about it. When I am not practicing I amwatching battle footage. I am living and breathing this dance. On top of that myside project is a web app to help the breakdancing community. Anyways, I put inat least 10 hours a week to dedicated practice.

52 hours left.

Groupon made me an avid rock climber. My friends and I are Groupon successstories. We bought a Groupon for a local rock climbing gym because we werebored. 6 months later, we all have our own shoes, chalk bag, and know thejargon. We are hooked. We have monthly gym memberships and have fixed days wherewe meet up to climb. I clock in about 10 hours a week when I include the buscommute.

42 hours.

It takes me about an hour a day to prep and consume my dinner. My morning andevening hygiene routine takes another hour combined. That's 14 hours a weekfor basic self maintenance.

28 hours.

I have one day and four hours to work on my side projects, learn, and socialize.I call like this collection of hours, "future prep" time. All of theother things I have accounted for are core to my life. I have to do them. If Ididn't I work, I would be broke. If I didn't breakdance and rock climb, I wouldbe depressed. If I didn't feed myself and clean myself I would be gross andprobably dead.

Working on side projects, learning, and socializing are things that aren't vital to my mental and physical well being. I do them because they add a sense ofpurpose and hope in my life. They are things that will benefit me in the futureeither financially or skill wise. They are investments in me.

"Dance of the Drained"

After running through this mental calculation, I feel invigorated. I remindmyself of the hours left everyday now. It gives me the reason to just dive rightinto my task at hand. I don't have time to do the "I am so drained anddon't wanna work on this right now" dance.

To quote the internet:

"Ain't nobody got time fo dat!"